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YOU deserve the best. Our MEDI+Gate VIP Client Rewards Program is a loyalty program designed to benefit you. MEDI+Gate offers access to instant discount rewards on a range of over 700 products. By signing up to our loyalty program you will gain access to instant discounts and also receive bi-monthly pre-alert emails outlining all of our upcoming offers, product specials and new product launches, before they are officially released! Join our MEDI+Gate VIP Client Rewards Program today to start enjoying the VIP treatment that you deserve!


How to Qualify

To qualify for a discount on a wide range of everyday products, simply spend a minimum total of $1000.00 (ex gst) per month. You will also need to:

  • Open an account with us by filling out an Account Application Form
  • Place all of your orders via our secure website -
  • Make your account payments by the due date
  • Sign the MEDI+Gate agreement application

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save if I join the program?
The discount percentage is based on the amount you spend per month, the minimum discount is 2.5% and the maximum discount can be as high as 15% depending on your spending (just ask us). Your expenditure is reviewed each quarter and your discount level adjusted accordingly.

How much do I have to spend to qualify?
The minimum monthly expenditure is $1,000 per month ($3,000 per quarter).

Is my monthly expenditure based on all of my purchases with MSR?
Yes, any product from our huge range counts towards the total amount used to calculate your discount.

Which products do I receive my discount on?
We apply your discount to a wide range of everyday products, everything from needles and syringes to crepe bandages and swabs.

Will I see my discount immediately?
Yes, you will qualify for your discounts as soon as you sign-up to the MEDI+Gate VIP Client Rewards Program, and your discount level will be displayed on your invoices next to the relevant products.

How many web orders can I place per month?
As many as you like, but it is best to combine small orders. 

Can I opt out if I’m not satisfied?

Can I order not on the web?
Yes. One emergency order but the bulk of orders must be placed via our web ordering system.

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