Product Information Brochures


The links below offer product information brochures that can be viewed on screen and also printed for your convenience. If you need any additional information or would like information on a product that is not listed, please contact our Customer Service Department.


ADE M320600 Scales

AQ Box 

AQM Family Vaccine Fridge Brochure 

AQM110 145L Vaccine Fridge Brochure

AQM280 280L Vaccine Fridge Brochure 

AQM350 350L Vaccine Fridge Brochure


Bovie Smoke Shark II

Bovie SharkSkin 

Bovie Specialist Pro

Cryo Professional  

Cryo Pack Bundle


HEINE BETA 400 Ophthalmoscopes 

HEINE BETA 400 Halogen


Medisafe Plus FKG311-306L Fridge  

Medisafe Plus FKG371-381L Fridge

Medisafe Battery Back Up Pack 

Nebulizer CA-MI Compact 300200
Omron HBP-1320 Blood Pressue Monitor

Propert Omega Glass Scale 


Swann Morton Skin Grafting Range 


Ultrasonic Cleaner Pacific Medical, 6L,9L,13L,20L


X-Ray Slimline Viewer LCD 1 Bay 

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