Autoclave Indicators



    3M Attest Biological Steam Test Pack Indicators. Pack of 25



    3M Attest Rapid Biological Flash Test Pack Monitor. Pack of 50

  • 3M-1250

    3M Comply Steam Indicator Strips. Pack of 240

    Class 4 Indicator



    3M Comply Steam SteriGage. Pack of 100

    Class 5 Indicator

    Steam sterilisation integrator with "moving front" technology. Class 5 indicator.



    EZTest 13 Well Incubator

    for use with EZTest Self Contained Biological Indicators. **Non-returnable Item**

    Includes Power Supply Cable and Instruction Manual



    EZTest Self-contained Biological Indicators. Pack of 25.

    For Steam Sterilisation Processes.

  • AI-PL254

    Green Card T- Air Removal and Steam Penetration Test for Benchtop Sterilisers. Pack of 15

    Class 2 Indicator

    Class 2 indicator. Air removal and steam penetration test for benchtop sterilisers. The Green Card T is specially packaged for daily monitoring of prevacuum steam sterilisers operating at 134 C to detect the presence of residual air. This test should be conducted each day in an empty steriliser prior to processing any loads.



    Heli-Checks Reusable Hollow Load Challange Test Kit.

    Includes One Reusable Device and 250 Class 2 Indicator Strips.

    Includes one reusable device for 250 uses and 250 high precision sterilant-specific Class 2 indicator strips. Designed for use with prevaccum steam sterilisers processing hollow loads and verifies air removal and deep vacuum achievement necessary for lumens, steam penetration and exposure levels.



    Meditrax Surgery Emulator Labels

    Class 6 Pkt.of 150's



    Meditrax Surgery Integrator Label Class 6. Pack of 400



    SteriTec Steam Charts Chemical

    Integrators. Pack of 250

  • AI-AUS508

    Titems Diagnostic Steam Emulator Strips Class 6. Pack of 250

  • AI-AUS415

    Titems High Precision Bench Top Steam Monitors. Pack of 125

    Class 4 Indicator


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