Bovie DERM Bantam | PRO 952 Electrosurgical High Frequency Desiccator Unit

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Item No: DL-A952


Bovie DERM Bantam | PRO HF Desiccator Unit


  • Unit & Power Cord
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Power Control Pencil
  • 4 Hand Piece Sheaths
  • Assorted Dermal Tips (3x ES01, 1x ES02, 1x ES20, 5x A804, 5x A806, 2x A806DE, 5x A805, 5x A807, 2x A807DE)
  • Reusable Grounding Cord
  • Disposable Grounding Plates
  • User Guide


  • Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, Bipolar & Micro Bipolar modes
  • No patient plate required when in desiccation mode
  • 0-10 Watts adjustable in 1/10th watt increments
  • 10-50 Watts adjustable in 1 watt increments
  • Universal cable fittings to accept most accessory cable plugs
  • Made in USA.
  • 4 Year warranty

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