MELAtherm 10 Washer Disinfector Unit


$17,348.00 ex GST

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82cmH x 60cmW x 60cmD. 3 Phase power required.

Item No: EZ-MEL10020


MELAtherm® 10

Superior quality and innovative features.
MELAtherm® 10 is the solution for fast, safe and above all, cost-effective instrument decontamination. Over 15,000 practices and
clinics throughout the world rely on the innovative device concept - join them and take your workflow to a whole new level.
With its practice-optimized washing chamber and a wide range of accessories, MELAtherm® 10 permits the cleaning and
disinfection of very large quantities of instruments. The subsequent active drying ensures hand-warm and dry instruments
reprocessed within only approx. 60 minutes (Variante DTA).
All the necessary components required for efficient decontamination procedures are integrated in the washer-disinfector
in a space-saving way: The dosing of process agents and the documentation of process parameters are performed
automatically by MELAtherm® 10. This saves valuable time and allows your staff to take on other duties in practice and clinic

  • Active drying protects the instruments from re-contamination, corrosion and damage
  • Batch documentation with the CF card or network at no extra charge
  • Feeding process agents  with the dosing unit space-saving in the device
  • Helpful user tutorials on our multimedia portal
  • Extended maintenance cycles of 24 months or 1000 cycles
  • Practice-optimized washing chamber: With more than 80 baskets and accessories, you can customize the loading configuration to your needs. Reprocess instruments for up to 45 patients quickly and economically in one cycle. For more information please watch our fact check video.


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